Grace haters

"Grace is awesome in its power to change lives. But radical change encounters radical opposition. It is therefore not surprising that we have to deal with the grace haters.
     Grace haters are the legalists who will try to intimidate, manipulate and dominate people with a spirit of witchcraft. The religious spirit in them wants everyone stereotyped and conformed to their own bondage. They are parrots and puppets, no longer voices for God, but echoes, not pursuing Gud but pursuing opportunities for position and prestige. They are cloned to act the same, dress the same and speak in the same religious tones. You know, where everyone looks the same you can be sure a religious spirit is operating!
     If you try to live in the grace of God, I guarantee Satan will send his agent across your path to try to intimidate you and insinuate that you ought not to be living the way you are, that your freedom is not freedom but licentiousness. If you haven't experienced this sort of things it's probably because you have never lived in grace."

"When legalists come to us there is a demeanour and a posture about them that is intimidating because they look like they have got it all together. They don't have it all together in reality, but they will give the impression that they do! With some, it is the way they carry their Bibles. With others, it is their pious tone of voice. However, their outward show of piety is lacking in reality. They will never let you know if they have sinned. They will never be vulnerable, honest and open. You cannot replace intimacy with God with religiosity."

"The people who live in the grace of God are people who learn to love one another and accept one another. Church becomes family when we live in the grace of God. People living in the grace of God pray for one another more, reach out to the lost more and value people more. They start feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and going amongst the boken street people restoring dignity to them. They go beyond the walls of their building to infiltrate the world and mix with sinners. They help those who are sick."

"I watched a prostitute be interviewed once. The interviewer asked, 'Were you ever interested in church?' She replied, 'I tried once, but they laid too much guilt on me.' My heart broke for her. The prostitutes followed Jesus and got released when they were in his company, but the church lays guilt on them!"

"We must not be intimidated by the legalists at any time. We must not underestimate the power of their deception and fear, but we must never give in to it. Radical change encounters radical opposition, but grace will always win!"


Ur boken "Living in the Grace of God" av Rob Rufus (sid. 40,46,47,50)

Har du någon erfarenhet av det som Rob tar upp i dessa stycken? Har du blivit förödmjukad och utsatt för manipulativ press att anpassa dig till ett religiöst sammanhang? Kom ihåg: Den Sonen gör fri är verkligen fri!

Postat av: David Aubert

juste! har ni den boken till försäljning?
såg den inte i holland.

2008-05-13 @ 23:04:35

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